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Dandelion Events

At Dandelion we regularly hold events and community activities, many of which are made possible through our sponsors and partners. Volunteer participation at our events is important as it ensures their continued success.


Donation days are hosted regularly at our premises and occasionally at alternate locations. The participation we receive at these events is always overwhelming both from the volume of second hand goods we receive to the fantastic volunteers who assist in receiving and processing them.


Fundraisers provide a way for us to generate the income we need to keep Dandelion running. These events represent a fun way to show support for our work.


Our wonderful Volunteers clean, sort and safety check donated goods so that they can be rehomed with a family in need.


Working bees are held at our premises every week to help us carry out these tasks and to ensure we are able to continue providing assistance to the families that need us. We would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved.