Our team

In our first year of operation, we supported 125 families with a small volunteer team. In 2019, we helped 2033 families from across Greater Sydney and some regional areas of NSW with a small team of staff, supported by a large and committed volunteer workforce. Our Board provides strategic oversight of the organisation.

Board Members

  • Chair – Kathryn Brennan
  • Vice Chair – Philip Whyte
  • Treasurer – Michael Barker
  • Secretary – Tracey Edwards
  • Ordinary Member– Dominique Brown
  • Public Officer – Michael Barker


  • Gabrielle Humphreys – Operations and Volunteer Manager
  •  Brenda Lavender – Quality Assurance Officer
  • Social Services Coordinator (currently recruiting)
  • Partnership and Sustainability Coordinator (currently recruiting)


Our volunteer are essential to our team and work tirelessly to ensure your donations are ready for families in need when requested by their social worker.