Our team

The Dandelion Support Network formed a new Executive Board in early 2017. This Board provides strategic oversight of the organisation and is supported by a team of committed volunteers and operational staff.

Board Members

  • Chair – Phillip Whyte
  • Vice Chair – Kathryn Brennan
  • Treasurer – Vacant
  • Secretary – Vacant
  • Partnership and Sustainability Officer – Gabrielle Humphreys
  • Partnership and Sustainability Officer – Sarah Mross
  • Ordinary Member – Nicole Howard
  • Ordinary Member – Greg Nairn

Support Staff

  • Sarah Skelton – Social Services Liaison Officer
  • Felicity Dyer – Social Services Liaison Officer
  • Brenda Lavender – Quality Assurance Officer

Volunteer Leaders

Our volunteer leaders play a critical role in the day-to-day operations at Dandelion. They provide leadership to others on site, sharing their expertise on how we work and how best to process and prepare donations.