Our team

In our first year of operation, we supported 125 families with a small volunteer team. In 2021, we helped 1993 families from across Greater Sydney and some regional areas of NSW with a small team of staff, supported by a large and committed volunteer workforce. Our Board provides strategic oversight of the organisation.

Considering that due to Covid, 2021 saw lockdowns for a large part of the year which impacted our ability to assist social workers from a large number of local government areas, we are very proud of the number of families we managed to assist during these difficult times.

Board Members

  • Chair – Kathryn Brennan
  • Vice Chair – Philip Whyte
  • Treasurer – Michael Barker
  • Secretary – Tracy Edwards
  • Ordinary Member– Dominique Brown
  • Ordinary Member – Deepti Mishra
  • Ordinary Member –  Craig Berger
  • Public Officer – Michael Barker


  • Gabrielle Humphreys – General Manager
  • Brenda Lavender – Quality Assurance Officer
  • Saskia  Duncan – Social Services Coordinator
  • Kaylene Pring- Social Services Coordinator
  • Katrina Lonergan – Partnership and Sustainability Coordinator


Our volunteers are essential to our team and work tirelessly to ensure your donations are ready for families in need when requested by their social worker.