When Craig was diagnosed with a brain tumour it tore his family’s life apart. Since the diagnosis he has suffered from ongoing seizures and it has had a huge impact on his ability to work and to provide for his family.

His wife, Emily is struggling to care for Craig with his increasing medical issues and provide everything their two children Zac and Evie need to thrive. Emily has limited access to finances and very little family and community support to help her cope with this new pressure.

When Emily’s social worker contacted Dandelion we were so please to provide some new clothes, toys and linen for Zac and Evie to enjoy. Though this might seem a small gesture, the social worker shared that the family were very grateful for this kindness during such a stressful time for the family.

Please give generously and support our work financially so that we can continue to support families like Emily, Craig, Zac and Evie when they are feeling vulnerable and alone.