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Cots (made after 2003)

We’d LOVE it if you can help us provide a safe place to sleep for a bub in need. We are always low on cots and mattresses – so thank you and spread the word.

Can it be rehomed?
Yes (post 2003)

Standards/ requirements
To ensure baby has a safe place to sleep we need to be very careful with what we rehome. We can only rehome cots that are made after 2003 and will pass Australian Standards and include all parts. Some cots have the date stamp on the base. We would also love your mattress if it still in good condition and not stained.

We can NOT rehome any cots that are broken, including any cracks.  If you are unsure, please email and one of the team will be in touch.

How to prepare it for donation
To help out our volunteers, please wipe down any hard surfaces before donating. It is also helpful if you can please place all the screws/small parts and the manual in a plastic bag and attach this to the base of the cot before donating.

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