Dandelion believes that every child deserves somewhere safe to sleep. The prohibitive cost of cots and bassinets, mean that many families cannot afford these essential nursery items. With your help, we can change that.

A safe cot or bassinet reduces the risk of babies co-sleeping with adults and other children, sleeping in unsafe spaces and ultimately reduces the risk of SIDS, falls and suffocation. In 2019 Dandelion rehomed 422 cots and 196 bassinets with families in need and the demand for these items is growing each month. We accept cots less than 10 years old but unfortunately we never receive enough to meet demand.

Your gift could be life changing for a family in need. 

A donation of $100 can provide a new baby with a bassinet which will keep them sleeping safely for the first 5 months of life.
CotA donation of $200 can provide a cot for a new baby, ensuring they have a safe space to sleep until they are ready to transition into a bed.

Together let’s ensure that every baby has a safe space to sleep.

A safe place to sleep for Flynn
When Flynn was just two months old, his mother Kirsty made the brave decision to leave their violent home and to find somewhere safe for her family. Leaving in an urgent rush, Kirsty was forced to leave most of their belongings behind.
With the support of their social worker, both Flynn and Kirsty are settling into a new home and starting fresh. Dandelion Support Network were able to provide them with a range of items, such as a cot, pram, clothing linen and toys. All these items play their part in helping Flynn and Kirsty feel more at home each day.

On average, it costs us $180 to provide a disadvantaged family with all the essential items they need for their child. If the family had to buy these items new, it would cost more than $900. These items are essential for the safety, well-being and development of the children we help.
Without your help we won’t be able to help families like Flynn and Kirsty.