Dandelion believes that every child deserves to be able to travel safely.

Unfortunately due to the prohibitive cost of car seats, many families in need cannot afford this essential nursery item.

Dandelion accept preloved car seats that are less than 8 years old and pass them on so families who can’t afford one, can travel safely with their kids. With this item in such great demand, we never receive enough to meet the need.

With your help, we can change that.

A donation of $100 can provide a car seat for a new baby, ensuring they have a safe way to travel until they are 4yrs old.

This gift can be life changing for a family in need. A safe car seat reduces the risk of babies travelling unsafely in out of date car seats or car seats which aren’t appropriate for the age of the baby. It will also allow the family to leave the house which reduces social isolation and improves the mental health of the whole family.

In 2019 Dandelion rehomed 734 car seats with families in need and the demand for these items is growing each month.

Together let’s ensure that every baby has a safe way to travel.