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By leaving a Gift in your Will to Dandelion Support Network Inc, you’re ensuring that countless children and families will have access to essential items that they need to grow and thrive. We understand that writing or updating a Will is a significant decision, one that requires thoughtful consideration. Thank you for considering Dandelion Support Network.

Write your free online Will now
We recommend that you work with a solicitor or legal advisor to write your Will. Alternatively, if you only need a simple Will, you could use an online service to create one.
We’ve partnered with Gathered Here, an Australian end-of-life services provider that host a free and easy to use online Will writing service to make it simple for you to include a gift for Dandelion. Their website takes you through easy step by step guide to writing your Will, with unlimited updates.

Once you’ve finalised your Will, and spoken to your loved ones about your wishes, we’d love to hear about it.
While we understand this is a personal decision, knowing about your generosity allows us to thank you personally, to understand any wishes for the gift.

Information for Solicitors

Organisation Name: Dandelion Support Network INC.
Charity ABN: 74 111 663 873

Suggested wording:
I give and bequeath free of all duties and taxes,
The residue of my estate, or
– XX% of my whole estate, or
– XX% of the residue, or
– The specific sum of $XX
to Dandelion Support Network INC. to be used for the general purposes of its work. The receipt of the treasurer, secretary or public officer of Dandelion Support Network INC. is an absolute discharge to my executor.


If you would like to discuss leaving a gift in your will, please get in touch with James Lavender, our Fundraising and Partnerships Manager –