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Car seats (less than 7 years old)

We would LOVE your good condition car seat or capsule. We are always low on these items.

Can it be rehomed?
Yes – if less than 7 years old.

Standards/ requirements
Safety for little ones in a car is a huge priority for us. It is very important that the seat has never been in an accident. We accept car seats and capsules suitable from birth until 7 years that are sold in Australia  (overseas models are not able to be rehomed). All car seats that we rehome need to be manufactured within 7yrs or less Рplease look for a date stamp on a sticker or on the shell of the carseat to confirm. They also need to be rehomed with inserts eg head support, so please include them if you can.

We also need to supply a manual with all carseats/capsules that we distribute so if you have a manual, it would be appreciated if you could include this. If you are unsure, please email and one of the team will be in touch.

How to prepare it for donation
To help out our volunteers, please wash all covers and wipe down any hard surfaces before donating. Don’t forget, a copy of your manual will save our volunteers time searching for it themselves.

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