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Toys and Games

Newborn to teenage. This can include puzzles, board games, dolls, cars and trucks, developmental toys,

Can it be rehomed?

Standards/ requirements
We can NOT accept Outdoor toys, toys bigger than 40cm or large activity centres due to space restrictions for the people we assist.

How to prepare it for donation
Please help out our volunteers by ensuring all toys are clean prior to donating. If you can help us out by sorting by age before donating that would be great. For games and puzzles, we’d love it if you can check all pieces are included and everything is in working order. For wooden puzzles, it is really useful if these are donated in a sealed plastic bag so we don’t lose any pieces in transit.

**Batteries** For battery operated toys, please remove old batteries. It is costly for us to buy batteries for the toys we get donated, so we greatly appreciate any donations of batteries. Please label batteries if not new in packet. Thank you!

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